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Boost productivity and efficiency with a custom database app.

Boost productivity and streamline processes with a custom database app built on the cloud in weeks.

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Custom Database App Development for SMEs

Spreadsheets and off-the-shelf softwares are too restrictive. This is why we focus on building custom business applications that are automated, cost-effective and easy to use with only the features you need.


Examples of database apps

We have built many custom business apps for companies across the world in various industries such as LogisticsRetail, Wholesale and Food & Beverages.

Order Management

Inventory Management

Class Management

Warehouse Management

Bakery Management

Freight Management

Work Order Management

Asset Management

Fleet Management

Leverage on our platform expertise

Being the first Ninox Premium Partner based in Asia, we have met the highest training standards with strong, established track records implementing solutions on the Ninox platform for small and medium businesses across the world.

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Our Reviews

Andres Nunez

Andrés Núñez


I am glad I found Automate Labs. They are experts on automation. They go well beyond what is requested. Great communication. They work hand on hand with the client. Thanks Brendon!


Sunny Dhaliwal


Aretex Ltd

Automate Labs completed the project on Ninox ahead of schedule which was extremely impressive considering we hit a few speed bumps along the way. Brendon was in constant communication and used his expertise to constantly provide solutions instead of excuses. It was a pleasure to work with Automate Labs and would happily work with them again for any database projects.

zac king.jpg

Zachary King



Automate Labs was incredibly helpful in helping me finalize my MVP for and was knowledgeable across multiple platforms needed for us to get across the line.  They were incredibly patient in trying to understand what I was trying to accomplish and then extremely fast and efficient in producing the final product.


Tiffany Hayes


Pet Revolution

Our project was extremely complex and needed a high level of customization that we did not even think was possible, but Automate Labs worked tirelessly to ensure that we were satisfied with the database and handled questions, concerns or comments immediately. In the end, the system works flawlessly and we couldn't be happier. It has saved us countless hours of manual entry, disorganization and our sanity! 


Marisa Pettit

I'm so thankful Automate Labs jumped in to help with my Airtable project. They immediately picked up on what I needed, made all of the necessary adjustment to get me on the right track, and continued to support me throughout the rest of my project. I would highly recommend Automate Labs. 


Jay Chu


Sunland (S) Pte Ltd

Automate Labs has been a listening ear from the very start since me and my team uses Ninox. Despite many limitations imposed by Ninox, they always come up with other ways to go about that problem to come up with a solutions. They always try their best to tackle problems and I'm satisfied with their services and will continue to approach them whenever I have issues for Ninox. 


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