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How it all began and why we do what we do.

In 2017, Brendon started AGOPSG Pte Ltd, a band-turned-business providing live entertainment services for private and corporate events. While running the company, he was also working as a business analyst/project manager in a software development agency in the day. Having two jobs compelled him to search for the most efficient method of running his company remotely.
His entire operations, sales, marketing and accounting processes were in a huge mess with information spread across multiple applications and excel spreadsheets. Internal arguments, mistakes in invoices/quotations and time wasted copying/pasting data across applications were commonplace. His company struggled with evaluating multiple off-the-shelf/subscription-based applications, migrating existing data and integrating with existing systems.

Leveraging on his business analyst experience managing multiple projects for clients like Changi Airport Group, Certis Cisco, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Singapore Institute of Management, he was able to come up with a digital strategy, build a custom solution to streamline all processes and manage his company remotely  without over-hiring or over-spending.

Brendon understood the struggles of going digital from his own experience managing AGOPSG Pte Ltd and eventually founded Automate Labs to help businesses transform the way work gets done.


We aspire to help businesses digitally transform the way work gets done through solutions that are customisable, cost-effective and easy to use.


Respect: We respect each other and embrace differences openly.

Responsibility: We take pride in owning every piece of work assigned to us.

Communication: We communicate our expectations clearly and never assume.

Take Initiative: We will be proactive in doing things better.

Collaboration: We will leverage on each other’s strengths to achieve great things.

Always Growing: We seek growth in every season and opportunity.


We imagine a world in which companies are highly productive and their employees are united by technology.

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