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Building a custom inventory system for a Shopify store

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Pet Revolution is a family-based eCommerce company based in the United States founded by a couple, Tiffany and Kurt, that sells pet-related products such as cages, wheels, liners, cozy accessories, pet treats and custom fleeces on Shopify and Etsy. Having a total of 958 five-star reviews is testament to the level of service and professionalism they provide to all their customers fueled by their passion for small pets.


With the complexity of some of their orders (e.g. many different variations , fabric choices etc.), it makes it very time consuming to gather all the information needed to make and complete orders. They were managing orders from Shopify and Etsy manually and struggling to keep everything updated with order and customer information stored across different applications. Also, they had to constantly juggle between multiple platforms to create order tickets.
Kurt and Tiffany were using excel spreadsheets, Shopify, Etsy and Shipstation to manage order workflows which included printing order ticket labels, assembling/picking items and cutting fabric. They used excel spreadsheets for creating pick lists and generating tickets and this was done on an ad-hoc basis. They would usually delete the file after they were done which meant that all the information pertaining to orders were not captured.


The project was extremely complex and needed a high level of customization that Tiffany and Kurt did not even think was possible, but Automate Labs delivered in a huge way. Off-the-shelf multi-channel inventory solutions were not suitable as Tiffany and Kurt had very customized needs unique to them and how they wanted to run their business. With that in mind, they started evaluating a few software development vendors and chanced upon Automate Labs.

Brendon from Automate Labs introduced them to Ninox through a discovery call and came up with a digital strategy to re-organize all product SKUs and built  a custom inventory management system integrated with Etsy, Shopify and Shipstation along with custom order management workflows into one database. The entire project took close to a month inclusive of development, testing and integration. With the new system in place, Pet Revolution went from 5+ hours a day to under 2 which saved them over 110 hours a month minimum with their inventory management process streamlined along with a centralized customer database and automation of their ticket generation process.

Key Features

  • Different views for visualizing orders by platform, customers and due date

  • Complex formulas for automatic decrement of product inventory levels

  • Generation of purchase orders with Ninox document templates

  • Management of multiple suppliers with associated products

  • Custom buttons for generating and printing tickets

  • Kanban view for managing custom order workflows


  • Real-time visibility on all orders, customers and products in a central system

  • Automatic inventory decrementing for complex products with components

  • Reduction in time for manual data entry

  • Quick Generation of 4x6 tickets printed with our thermal printer

  • Custom Order Workflows enabled by different views

  • Better visibility & tracking of supplier tiered pricing for all components

  • Efficient Inventory Management down to the product component level

  • Confidence in looking at correct data without any missing information

Our Project was extremely complex and needed a high level of customization that we did not even think was possible, but Automate Labs delivered in a huge way. Automate Labs worked tirelessly to ensure that we were totally satisfied with the database and any questions, concerns or comments that we had, they handled immediately. Their solutions for our business came from their thorough analysis and understanding.

Kurt & Tiffany


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