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Building a freight management system for a Freight Forwarder

G2k Forwarding Services Pte Ltd

Logistics | Freight Forwarding | Singapore


% productivity increase in freight operations


templates replaced by a single system


months to complete the entire project


G2K Group is a freight forwarding company incorporated in Year 2000 that started off with undertaking assignments in cargo transportation, declaration of inward/outward and bonded warehousing permits as well as handling services. The company has a network of more than 100 agents throughout the world that helps various trade-related companies with the organization of air freight, sea freight, land trucking and transportation.


G2K Group was looking for a customisable Freight Management System that could be built according the company's needs and requirements as many of the off-the-shelf freight software were very restrictive and limiting in terms of functionalities. They were using an old freight management software built very long ago that could only issue basic invoices and delivery orders. Being a freight forwarder, they had to create many different type of documents according to freight transport type (e.g. Bill of Lading, House Air Waybill, Delivery Order, Pickup Note, Arrival Notice, Shipment Release/Authorisation etc.) and all of these documents were done manually using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Apart from that, a lot of business data (e.g. service charges) was stored across different excel spreadsheets. With data residing across so many spreadsheets and applications, mistakes were commonly found in the documents they created due to unexpected changes or outdated data.


G2K Group booked a discovery call with Automate Labs to share their current operational challenges and frustrations with the manual creation of freight documentation and storage of business data. They were looking for an all-in-one system that could serve as a single source of truth for customers, jobs, suppliers and freight documentation. They also had very specific needs and preferences on the way they manage freight bookings, how they wanted the system to look like, what information to show/hide based on freight job type and user roles and the various data security requirements - all which were not present with off-the-shelf freight management softwares. After the discovery call, Automate Labs proceeded to build the customisable freight management solution over 2 months and successfully replaced multiple document templates stored on Microsoft word and excel spreadsheets and the old legacy freight management software. All of this resulted in a significant boost in operational efficiency as generation of multiple document types were achievable within a button click and data was centrally stored in a single system of record.

Key Features

  • Master database so everyone can work from the same information

  • One-click generation of trade documents (AWB, BOL, Arrival Notice etc.)

  • Centralised system for accessing all jobs, customers and vendors

  • Streamlined freight management processes for all freight job types

  • Accessible from anywhere in real-time


  • Quick access to all customer jobs from a single source of truth

  • Faster response time to customers leading to deals closed quickly

  • Increased job output levels with document automation

  • Confidence in looking at correct data without any missing information

I was very satisfied with the professionalism Automate Labs demonstrated throughout the entire project. They had the technical know-how and ability to translate my software requirements into a final working system that is built based on my preferences and needs. I was also amazed at the speed of the development as compared to other software development agencies.

Gerard Justin

Image by Andrew Neel

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