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Building a multi-pharmacy procurement system in one week


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hours saved per month on manual processes


spreadsheets replaced by a single system


week to get 90% of solution up and running


Aretex Group is a consulting company based in the UK that helps various pharmacies to reduce their spend on prescription medication. With their in-depth experience and long-term relationships with partnering suppliers, they are able to help pharmacies save at least an extra 4 figures per month on lines they're already purchasing. They have a warehouse to store all prescription medication stocks purchased for the various pharmacies across various locations. 


Sunny was using 30 - 40 excel spreadsheets which consisted of a main file split into subsections heavily loaded with formulas, macros and VBA scripts to track 5000 different medicines,  multiple pharmacy usages and medicine prices that changed on a daily basis across 40 suppliers. Prices were tailored for different pharmacies as they had different stock levels, usages and agreements with certain suppliers. 
Sunny needed an easier way to make simple price comparisons, factor in usages and stock levels and export sections of data for creating purchase orders in order to optimize purchase costs for pharmacies.


Sunny knew that he needed a system but there were simply too many in the market that were not able to meet his custom requirements. He reached out to Automate Labs for a discovery call and was really impressed by the initial consultation and support given. Automate Labs was not quick to sell a software solution but, instead, took time to understand the challenges faced and presented various options/angles to solve them. He was surprised that it only took a week to get 90% of the solution set-up on Ninox and running as he expected a 1 month delivery time.

Key Features

  • Master database so everyone can work from the same information

  • Simple imports to help display relevant data

  • In-built links to multiple files with need for multiple subsections of data

  • Multiple saved views to show subsets of data in useful manner

  • Accessible from anywhere


  • Better visibility on supplier prices allowing them to make faster purchasing decisions 

  • Cleaner data and lesser mess with multiple spreadsheets

  • Cost savings on wages for processes that were automated

  • Confidence in looking at correct data without any missing information

I was surprised it only took a week to get 90% of the solution set up. I was expecting at least a month but Automate Labs was extremely thorough and motivated to get the solution up and running as soon as possible.

Rashpal Dhaliwal (Sunny)


Image by Andrew Neel

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