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Custom Ninox Database Development Services

Streamline and automate operations with a custom-built ninox database app today.

01 - The Problem

Frustrated with excel spreadsheets?

Are you and your team frustrated with the way data is being stored in multiple excel spreadsheets, emails and separate business applications? Are you overwhelmed by overly-complicated spreadsheet formulas that are prone to mistakes? Do you have difficulty 'locking' certain tabs or cells from unintended modification? There must be a better way of managing your business, perhaps, with a custom database app.

Custom Database Development Excel Spreadsheet
Organised data showcase with Custom Database Development

Custom Database Application

A custom database application is a software solution that serves as a single system to store all your business data (e.g. products, services, inventory, suppliers, purchase orders, invoices, customers, projects etc.) in real-time on the cloud. With a custom database app, you and your team can access all your business data wherever you go and never worry about complex formulas, locking table cells or outdated data. You can also integrate it with existing systems via API.

Custom Database Development Services

At Automate Labs, we offer Custom Database Development Services to help your company streamline and automate operations with a custom database built on the Ninox platform. We are the only Ninox Premium partner in Southeast Asia that is featured twice on the Ninox blog. This means you can leverage on our platform expertise, combined project experience and trust us to build a future-proof solution that just works. We have also integrated with a huge variety of applications so you can count on us to integrate your apps in a seamless manner.


02 - The Solution

03 - Why Automate Labs?

04 - How it works?

Custom Database Development Process

Ninox DatabaDevelopment Automate Labs Discovere


Ninox DatabaDevelopment Automate Labs Build


Ninox Database Development Automate Labs Train





We start with a discovery call to validate your overall goals, process issues and ensure that we have a completed scope of work detailing requirements and project plan.

Your project is developed on the Ninox platform by our team remotely and completed with functional/quality testing before passing it to you for user testing. Project updates are tracked on Notion and weekly video calls are conducted via Google Meet to ensure good progress.

We will train you on how to use the custom ninox database solution and perform minor maintenance and changes. The key personnel would also have been familiar with the solution through the iterative development and testing process.

05 - Our Proven Success

Customer Reviews

Automate Labs Review Andres Nunez Griky.co

Andrés Núñez



I am glad I found Automate Labs. They are experts on automation. They go well beyond what is requested. Great communication. They work hand on hand with the client. Thanks Brendon!

Automate Labs Review Sunny Dhaliwal Aretex Group

Sunny Dhaliwal


Aretex Ltd

Automate Labs completed the project on Ninox database ahead of schedule which was extremely impressive considering we hit a few speed bumps along the way. Brendon was in constant communication and used his expertise to constantly provide solutions instead of excuses. It was a pleasure to work with Automate Labs and would happily work with them again for any custom database projects.

Automate Labs Review Zachary King Mobius.xyz

Zachary King



Automate Labs was incredibly helpful in helping me finalize my MVP for mobius.xyz and was knowledgeable across multiple platforms needed for us to get across the line.  They were incredibly patient in trying to understand what I was trying to accomplish and then extremely fast and efficient in producing the final product.

Automate Labs Review Tiffany Hayes Petrevolution.us

Tiffany Hayes


Pet Revolution

Our project on Ninox was extremely complex and needed a high level of customisation that we did not even think was possible, but Automate Labs worked tirelessly to ensure that we were satisfied with the Ninox database and handled questions, concerns or comments immediately. In the end, the custom Ninox Database works flawlessly and we couldn't be happier. It has saved us countless hours of manual entry, disorganisation and our sanity! 

Automate Labs Review Marisa Petit

Marisa Pettit

I'm so thankful Automate Labs jumped in to help with my custom Airtable database project. They immediately picked up on what I needed, made all of the necessary adjustment to get me on the right track, and continued to support me throughout the rest of my project. I would highly recommend Automate Labs. 

Automate Labs Review Jay Chu Sunland (S) Pte Ltd

Jay Chu


Sunland (S) Pte Ltd

Automate Labs has been a listening ear from the very start since me and my team uses Ninox database. Despite many limitations imposed by Ninox database, they always come up with custom database solutions instead of excuses. They always try their best to tackle problems and I'm satisfied with their services and will continue to approach them whenever I have issues for Ninox database. 

Karim Debabe - Modismo AG

Karim Debabe


Modismo AG

Automate Labs was the perfect match for our project. We really felt having a partner who supports and challenges us with profound know-how in process thinking and technical skills. They helped us to set up and structure our Ninox database and connect it throughout our applications. We will continue to work with Automate Labs and can recommend their services to anyone looking for custom database and process automation solutions - it will make your life easier.

06 - Let's work together

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