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Customer Relationship Management

Solution for SMEs.

Customizable. Integrated. Easy to use.

*Accessible on PC, tablets and smartphones.

Everything you need to boost your sales.

Lead Qualification

Easily manage all leads with custom qualification criterias.

Interactions & Follow-up

Track all customer interactions across multiple salespersons.

Deal Conversion

Convert leads to deals and create custom sales pipelines.

Account Assignment

Assign accounts and leads to salespersons.

Workflow Automation

Generate invoices, quotes, estimates & send emails.

Performance Tracking

Track salespersons' performance with custom KPIs.

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Powerful features to make sales easier, faster and better.

Make smarter decisions

With a fully customizable dashboard, you can analyze every aspect of your business according to your business needs and make data-driven decisions to move your business forward.

Track sales KPIs

Sync opportunities,  interactions, contacts, companies and set KPIs for various salespersons with our CRM system.

Automate Processes

Streamline processes with automated workflows to perform certain actions based on pre-defined event triggers (e.g. send emails, update lead status, convert to prospect etc).

Generate Documents

Generate documents such as invoices, purchase orders, delivery orders and receipts that pull data from different tables with a click of a button.

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Analyze Opportunities

Perform custom in-depth analysis on opportunities (e.g. source, country, probability of conversion, qualification criteria, company size, industry etc.)

Follow-up Conversations

Track all interactions, conversations with leads and prospects across all salespersons and easily schedule follow-ups.

Digital Transformation

Ready to digitalize your sales team?

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Automate Labs is a digital transformation agency based in Singapore that delivers overall business process improvement to companies seeking to transform operations through the use of low-code/no-code technologies.

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