Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it takes to develop a custom database app?

Depending on the complexity of requirements, most projects take around 2 to 4 weeks. Throughout the project, we will have regular video calls with you to ensure that we are on the right track and your solution is satisfactory and of requisite standard.

Do you have ready-made turnkey solutions which I can use immediately?

Yes, we do have ready-made solutions. However, even though these ready-made products may be used off the box, we still believe that you would need some level of customization for your business. We believe that every business has it's own challenges and we want to work with you to create solutions that actually work.

Is training provided as part of the project?

Yes, training is provided as an option. There may be a one-day (physical/virtual) training session for key users who are going to use the system where we will run through a demo of the functions and let users have a hands-on experience.

My company is based in Singapore. Can I claim PSG grant for a custom database app project?

Unfortunately, we are not a PSG pre-approved vendor. However, do bear in mind that despite the grant support, these solutions might not be the best for your business. Our mission is to help SMEs boost productivity and transform the way things are done through custom solutions that actually work as opposed to just making a sale. Our projects are competitively priced to help your business go digital in a cost-effective, ethical and fuss-free manner.

Is there support after the project ends?

Upon completion of the project, there would be a one-month free support period where you can raise questions, issues and feedback on the system. After the one-month support period is over, you may optionally raise support tickets that are charged separately on an ad-hoc basis. More information will be provided during our project consultation.

What programming languages do you use in your projects?

We build all our database solutions on a cloud-based platform thus we do not use traditional development programming languages (e.g. Java, PHP, Django, Python, Ruby on Rails etc.) We are the first in Asia to be a technology partner of the platform and this empowers us to create robust, adaptive solutions that are built with localized needs in mind.

How do you charge for your projects?

For all projects, there will be a 50% deposit paid before commence of development followed by a 50% balance paid after the project ends. The project fee is for the development of the solution based on agreed-upon requirements. Apart from the project fee, there is a platform user license fee which costs $8.33 USD per user per month billed annually.

Can I host my solution on a private environment?

Yes, there is a new Enterprise Offering for private cloud/hosting which has a different pricing model. Feel free to contact us if you need more details about the Enterprise offering.