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Management Solution for SMEs.

Customizable. Integrated. Easy to use.

*Accessible on PC, tablets and smartphones.

Accurate and efficient financial management.

AP/AR Tracking

Easily track all accounts payable and accounts receivable.

General Ledger

Analyze your GL data in real-time for bank reconciliation.

Assets & Liabilities

Track all assets and liabilities across the company.

Accounts Management

 Multiple asset/liability accounts to track all journal entries.

Document Automation

Generate Purchase Orders, Invoices, Quotations and more.

Financial Reports

Create/export custom reports to assess company financial health.

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Powerful features to make accounting & finance easier, faster and better.


Make smarter decisions

With a fully customizable dashboard, you can analyze every aspect of your business according to your business needs and make data-driven decisions to move your business forward.

Keep in Sync

Sync customers and orders from an eCommerce platform with our inventory management system for custom reports, automations and workflows.

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Automate Processes

Streamline processes with automated workflows to perform certain actions based on pre-defined event triggers (e.g. send emails, update stock level, update listing detail etc).

Generate Documents

Generate documents such as invoices, purchase orders, delivery orders and receipts that pull data from different tables with a click of a button.

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Analyze Products

Manage multiple SKUs and perform custom in-depth analysis on products (e.g. stock levels, reorder rate, product sales, period purchase, customer segment etc).

Real-time Inventory

Manage stock levels by scanning product barcodes against purchase orders or customer orders. Map supplier invoices to purchase orders for accurate tracking.

Digital Transformation

Ready to digitalize your accounting & finance function?

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