Forward FMS Cloud Freight Management System Software

A truly customizable and easy to use freight forwarding management software accessible wherever you go.

Forward FMS Freight Management System

Everything in one place

From customers and bookings to generating DOs, BOLs and AWBs.

Truly customizable

Easily modifiable software system according to your business needs.

Operationally Efficient

Standardise freight processes and save time to focus on customers.

Forward FMS Freight Management System All-in-one Software
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 Easily Manageble FMS software

Everything in one place

Forward FMS is a powerful all-in-one customisable freight management system for your freight forwarding business. Manage everything smoothly, keep jobs updated and make freight forwarding a breeze.

Manage all your freight business data in one place

Generate freight documents with a button click

Get full visibility of your business with in-built analytics

Truly Customizable

Easily modify document templates, fields and functions based on your freight forwarding business needs with Forward FMS.

Easily modifiable with drag and drop interface

Editable freight document templates

Customisation services available as an add-on

Operationally Efficient

Standardise your freight forwarding processes with Forward FMS so that your team knows exactly what to do.

Improve operational efficiency with automation

Generate freight documents with a button click

Systemise freight forwarding SOPs and workflows


Explore Forward FMS Features

Air Freight Management Software

Air Freight Management

Manage air freight jobs and generate master AWB, house AWBs, delivery order, pickup note, air consolidation manifest and customer authorisation release (for DNATA/SATS).

Freight Management System Permit Warehouse Jobs

Ad-hoc Job Management

Manage ad-hoc jobs (e.g. permit-only, warehouse-only jobs) that may not require service charges for freight transportation.

Sea Freight Management Software

Sea Freight Management

Manage sea freight jobs and generate arrival notice, delivery order, pickup note, shipment release, portnet release, haulier instructions, booking confirmation, draft bill of lading and house bill of lading.

Freight Management Invoicing System

Billing Management

Easily configure service charges, track vendor invoices and generate quotations, invoices, debit notes and credit notes based on information pulled from jobs.

Land Freight Management System Customisable Software

Land Freight Management

Manage local transportation freight-jobs and generate delivery order for import job or pickup note for export job.

Freight Management Software Reports Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Analyse company's performance in real-time with job analysis report, service charges report, creditor ageing report, debtor ageing report and profit & loss report.

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