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5 Steps to successful digital transformation

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Digital transformation is no longer something that just tech companies do – it is a must-have for businesses of any size and in any industry. The goal of digital transformation is to leverage technology throughout your entire organisation to increase automation, productivity, integration, and collaboration.

It goes further than just purchasing new enterprise solutions and databases – going digital must push your business forward in terms of sales and customer engagement.

Here are five steps to ensure that you support a successful digital transformation:

1. Select Tools that Will Drive Growth

The first step to successfully go digital is to focus on tools and technology that will drive growth – from sales and revenue to customer retention and engagement.

Platforms that center around machine learning, data analytics, and integrations will be key to supporting your company’s growth. A successful digital transformation integrates this technology into all business processes so that your organisation can make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively.

According to a study by Digital Hub, over 80% of Fortune 500 firms have already implemented AI and machine learning into their processes and culture – in other words, you do not want to get left behind by not incorporating these tools into your business as well!

Although it is necessary to adapt to changing technological environments, be sure to take care and select the right platforms to meet your individual business needs.

Research by Scott Brinker found that the number of enterprise solutions on the market has more than doubled in the past few years, so it can be easy to get distracted by shiny features and the newest tech.

Remember that you have to consider these tools in the context of your business strategies, stakeholder needs, and of course your budget. Often it makes more sense to opt for custom development services like those offered by Automate Labs, as it is the only way to ensure all of your requirements are met.

2. Focus on the User Experience

Next, you must focus on the user experience. You will not be able to successfully transform your organisation into one that embraces digitalisation and automation if you do not keep your users in mind!

What does the customer journey look like? Where can tools like artificial intelligence and enterprise solutions improve customer touchpoints and provide a more seamless experience? What can we automate, or are there areas that could be better integrated?

The answer to these questions will serve as the basis for your digital transformation strategy.

Consumers today are looking to interact with the brands they love through technology, but they also want the tools to be easy to use and effective. They want responsiveness and an immediate positive experience, and if your offerings do not align with these needs, they will move on to the next competitor.

Simply put, emphasize engagement, customer targeting, personalisation, and omnichannel experiences when you are going digital. Make it easy for your employees and your customers to be successful in every interaction, and your business will benefit significantly.

To make this process easier, partner with a company like Automate Labs that can help you build your digital transformation strategy – and implement it!

3. Accept That Digital Transformation is an Ongoing Process

One of the biggest misconceptions about going digital is that it is one big project - and once it is completed you will have a seamless, automated business. This is not the case, and you must accept from the beginning that digital transformation is an ongoing process.

The automation and digitalisation processes are continuous, and your strategy must adapt and change alongside your industry and customers. It helps to think about both short- and long-term goals because this cycle is here to stay!

At the same time, remember that transformation also takes a substantial amount of effort and investment. However, if you put in the hard work to properly develop a strategy and implement it, it will be worth it in the long run.

When you automate your business processes and integrate enterprise solutions, you allow your business to build a competitive advantage and become a leader in your industry.

4. Make Digitalisation a Part of Your Culture

To be successful in these efforts, it is essential to instil adaptability and openness to change as part of your company culture. As we mentioned, change is constant – and accepting this can be difficult for employees who have been doing things a certain way for a long time.

It is necessary to foster a culture that embraces technology and the changes that come with it so your organisation can move from idea and strategy to implementation as quickly as possible. However, everyone needs to be on board for this to succeed, or else you will find that you do not have the momentum to move forward.

The culture of digital innovation should start from the top, and leadership should always be exemplifying these ideals in their messaging and behaviour. Get your teams and employees excited about digital transformation, but also be transparent about the challenges that may arise – the goal is to develop trust and a mutual understanding of the company’s overarching goals.

5. Choose a Custom Database Application

The last step to a successful digital transformation is to choose the right technology – likely in the form of a custom software application.

Hiring a team to help create a digital marketing strategy doesn't cut it if the tools in place cannot support it. You need a firm that has experience with implementing digital strategies and can help you develop a custom enterprise solution to help you overcome your unique business challenges.

At Automate Labs, we are experts in digital transformation and can help you maximise your rate of success when automating processes and going digital. We will help you create a custom application that is unique to your company and will allow you to create a competitive advantage.

We will partner with you to build a digitalisation strategy and work alongside your organisation to implement it from start to finish!

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