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A Holistic Approach to Custom Developed Apps

Updated: Jun 30

A custom-developed application can provide a holistic approach to digital transformation and the automation of business processes. Where off-the-shelf solutions tend to focus on specific pain points and can create data silos, custom apps can help you overcome your unique business challenges and meet your goals.

Here are some of the reasons why custom development services are the best way to go digital!

Simplify Processes through Automation

One of the best reasons to go with a custom-developed enterprise solution is that it can help you simplify processes through automation. It can make everyone's lives easier by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

So, how can a custom app do this?

First, a custom platform can help you automatically transfer and share information across your organisation. Although interfaces and reports are nice to have, the power of a custom solution is based on the back-end design.

How is data shared? How is information integrated into other systems, and does it encourage collaboration between departments?

To manage an efficient business that values automation, your enterprise solution needs to do the following: collect data, transform it into the formats your company needs, and share it with the appropriate people.

In traditional systems, much of this process is manual. One team collects the data and manually enters it into the system, while another will format it and share it with other departments. This creates data silos, where information is only available to one department, as well as operational bottlenecks. By automating these steps, your employees can focus on value-added work and spend less time completing tedious and manual tasks.

Next, a custom database application can also allow you to manage your workflow automatically. Teams spend an unreasonable amount of time passing workflows from one team to the next to move a project to its next phase.

For example, if a manager needs to send an email to approve each step, this can seriously bog down efficiency. Not only does the staff member need to remember to email the manager, but the manager also needs to remember to respond to it.

Even though these interruptions seem small, they can add up very quickly and lead to major roadblocks.

By working with Automate Labs to create a custom application, you can automate these workflows and optimise your business processes!

Collaboration is Key

If your business wants to take a holistic approach to digital transformation, collaboration is the key. It seems like the more technology we have access to, the more complicated the systems are that serve our customers – but businesses need to be adaptive and work harder to meet their client’s needs!

Let’s use content creation as an example. Just publishing a blog post may require the marketing team, business leaders, the sales department, and even external freelancers.

Pre-packaged solutions don’t usually have the capabilities needed to allow all of these different stakeholders to collaborate. Often your employees have to switch back and forth between platforms and software and rely on email and other manual ways of communication.

Failure to communicate efficiently does more than just delay projects and create inefficiencies. It leads to processes that cannot be automated and are impossible to scale. Rather than relying on technology and systems to move your organisational process forward, you are instead dependent on the memories of those who built the process.

When you invest in a custom application, you can ensure that collaboration tools are a priority. This cooperation will enable your staff to focus on doing work that drives business growth rather than moving information from point A to B.

Likewise, a custom application will connect employees and encourage teams to work together to improve outcomes. So not only does your business benefit from increased productivity, but it also allows you to develop new ideas and implement them more quickly!

Improved Data Accessibility

Custom develop applications also improve data accessibility – reducing the time and effort required to compile data from different sources that are not integrated.

Lack of integration is a common problem with financial data. If a manager needs to pull financial figures for an annual report, they will likely have to get the data from 5 to 10 different systems. They may even have to request data or spreadsheets from several departments and spend time formatting and adjusting the information to fit the report.

If this is only done once a year it may not be a huge priority, but what if this is happening on a monthly or weekly basis? Are your employees having to go through these manual processes to create weekly reports?

If you look at your business process closely enough, you will find a wide variety of processes that are time-consuming and inefficient – and a custom developed application can help you automate them.

You may be wondering why it wouldn’t make sense to just buy a pre-packaged enterprise solution to share data between departments. While this may be a temporary fix, it may actually lead to more complex workflows if the software cannot be completely integrated into your business processes.

Instead, we recommend working with a custom development agency like Automate Labs. It is important to detail out your specific integration, and automation needs to ensure that your enterprise solution makes the process better.

When you enable improved access to data across your organisation, you will find that you can redefine processes and reduce manual work overload. This will help you boost efficiency and transparency while prioritising growth and user engagement.

Automate Labs is Here to Help!

If you are ready to take a holistic approach to custom-developed applications, Automate Labs is here to help!

Our digital transformation experts will not only help you develop a custom application that will help you automate processes and improve collaboration but also ensure that you develop the right processes to support going digital.

We work with our clients to analyse their goals and build a strategy that will help you create a competitive advantage and allow your business to grow. Whether you need a custom ERP, CRM, HRMS, or another system, we have you covered!

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