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How to manage your warehouse effectively

Updated: Jun 30

manage warehouse effectively

As a warehouse operator, one of the biggest things you are tasked with is managing your warehouse effectively. If you want to accomplish this, you likely need a warehouse system that is not only cloud-based, but it's also easy to use and customized to meet your unique needs.

Keep reading to find out how an ERP system can help you manage your warehouse effectively!

Eliminate Redundancies

To manage your warehouse effectively, you must eliminate redundancies. As a business is growing and developing, processes are changed on an ad hoc basis - leading to repetitive tasks and procedures that are done multiple times.

Not only does this frustrate your employees, but it also wastes your valuable time and resources that could be better used elsewhere. Rather than using your staff to complete repetitive tasks, you should utilize their skills to complete value-added analysis and make strategic decisions. So, how can you eliminate the redundancies you are seeing in your warehouse?

The first step is to invest in an ERP solution that will help you streamline workflows, automate business processes, and ensure that work is not being done more than once. This will boost productivity and allow your warehouse to operate much more efficiently.

Choosing the right software is essential. Just because a system is advertised as a warehouse management solution does not mean it is right for your organization - you must first analyze your current systems and determine what needs to be done to accomplish digital transformation.

Opting for custom development services from a company like Automate Labs makes this easy because they are experts in no-code development and custom software, so they can help you get the exact platform you need to develop a competitive advantage in the industry.

Stop Relying on Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets and Excel files are a great way to accomplish basic tracking and computations, but as your business and warehouse management needs grow, you need to move away from them.

If you ask employees in various departments, you are sure to hear that spreadsheet overload is one of the most common frustrations that they deal with daily. They need a better solution to manage their data so that they can actually perform analysis without spending hours exporting files.

This is where an integrated warehouse management system comes in. Automate Labs can help you utilized an earpiece system that is a much smarter way to track everything from sales orders to shipment tracking numbers.

You must select a platform that integrates well with every department's needs so you can eliminate the need for spreadsheets to be downloaded to transfer data. A custom ERP tool will also help you eliminate major bottlenecks and data silos that are keeping your business from reaching maximum productivity.

Optimize Order Picking

A major inefficiency found in many warehouses is difficulty with order picking. The basic function of any warehouse is to manage inventory and provide the ability for a business to select an order and efficiently get it to the customer.

Doing this manually is very slow and time-consuming. An ERP system that integrates with your sales order database is essential, so your staff can pick more accurately and minimize the amount of time they spend walking around looking for the items that make up the order.

With the right system, you can have constant visibility into where items are located and get notifications when bins are moved or running low on stock. If it takes too long to get an order from the warehouse to the customer, both your business and the client will suffer.

Your customer service ratings will take a hit because clients are dissatisfied with the amount of time it took to receive their order, and this may drive them to take their business elsewhere!

This is why utilizing a custom database solution can help you integrate tools like RFID readers that help eliminate human error and improve efficiency when picking orders.

Train Your Staff

Even if you have the best warehouse management platform or ERP system on the market, it will only help you automate business processes and enhance efficiency if your employees know how to use it.

More often than not, employees are used to performing tasks in a certain way, and changing the entire platform can be a challenge. If your digital transformation project is going to be successful, you must also designate time and resources to properly train your staff.

There is nothing worse than installing a brand-new database application only to have nobody use it because they don't know how to!

When you use no-code development and partner with a custom database app developer like Automate Labs, this transition is much simpler. These user-friendly systems have a straightforward interface and eliminate the round-about way of performing tasks. This means that the system will be easier for them to use and training will be a breeze!

Invest in a Custom ERP Solution

If you really want to manage your warehouse effectively, you need to invest in a custom ERP solution. Your business is not like any other company, so why should you use the same software as them?

Pre-packaged solutions often work like band-aids and tackle one challenge at a time - if this trend continues, you may end up with way more systems than you need and platforms that do not communicate with each other. This will make your business processes cumbersome and ineffective since employees will have to access three or four different databases to complete a task.

Automate Labs is here to help you eliminate redundancies and effectively manage your warehouse operations by working with you to build a custom solution. Our experts can allow you to exponentially increase the success rate of your digital transformation initiatives because we work alongside you throughout the entire implementation process - from start to finish!

Get started with a custom database solution today that will allow you to improve your order picking effectiveness, eliminate redundancies, and reduce your reliance on spreadsheets for good!

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