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The Best CRM Alternative to Salesforce

Updated: Jun 30

CRM Alternative

CRM solutions refer to customer relationship management systems that allow businesses to provide seamless customer experience and foster growth. There are many options to choose from, and one of the most well-known platforms is Salesforce. Let's dig into what Salesforce is and what the best CRM alternatives are.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company out of San Francisco that offers CRM services. They also sell a suite of enterprise applications that are centered around marketing automation, customer service, analytics, and app development.

Although they are a very popular source for CRM software, their platforms are generic and will not cater to all of your unique business needs. In other words, it is an off-the-shelf solution that is geared towards solving generic business problems and perform basic CRM tasks.

As competition across industries continues to increase and global operations become more complex, it is more important than ever for businesses to be using the right CRM solution for their business processes. In response to this many companies choose pre-packaged software like Salesforce – which accomplishes the basic tasks but does not give their firm enough custom support to build a competitive advantage.

However, many companies fall into the trap of big brand names and reputation – and in this space, Salesforce is huge! They have a great worldwide reputation which makes many businesses feel like pre-packaged solutions are the best option. But are they really?

So, what is the best alternative to Salesforce? Keep reading to find out!

Custom Development: The Best CRM Alternative

The best CRM alternative to Salesforce is Ninox simply because it offers complete customization based on your specific business processes, so you can be sure that the system will effectively help you manage customer interactions, sales pipelines and more.

Anyone who knows how to use an excel spreadsheet will be able to create simple database structures with Ninox. However, when it comes to replacing or building a CRM solution from scratch, it can be quite challenging especially if you do not have a software development background. This is where working with a Ninox Premium Partner like Automate Labs will enable you to successfully build a custom CRM to manage your customer relationships while gathering valuable data that will help you meet your business goals – and improve!

Many organizations have found that going with generic CRM software tends to require business processes to adapt to fit with the CRM platform, versus the other way around. This can actually cause more harm than good.

Improved User Experience

Custom CRM software provides an improved user experience when compared to generic tools like Salesforce. Since the software is built with your business processes in mind, automation and integration are simple – the system was created just for you!

This enhances the ability of users to perform tasks like workflow management, lead generation, marketing automation, and business intelligence operations. A custom CRM system allows these processes to be done seamlessly and with more intuitive user interfaces – boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

Business workflows can be completely customized, and because you know your business best, you can adapt the tool to meet your specific requirements.

Fewer Platforms Required

One of the most frustrating things about generic CRM software is that it does not always work with all of your existing business systems. This means that when you opt for a tool like Salesforce, you might end up multiple applications that have no integration capabilities – causing significant administrative headaches since you will likely have to recreate your processes to correct this.

With a custom database app, the user experience is seamless, and operations are easier since you can manage everything from one single interface. As a result, you need fewer human resources to manage tasks and you can cancel your various middleware application subscriptions!

The automation and integration offered by custom software development is unmatched. All repetitive and routine tasks can be automated to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and save you money in the long run. This digital transformation is essential for B2B businesses that want to remain competitive in this global environment!

Business Intelligence

CRM systems process a significant amount of data about your business – from customer feedback to key performance indicators and sales figures. With a custom database application, you have the opportunity to build in business intelligence features that will allow you to gain valuable insights from this data.

When you invest in custom development services, you are in full control of the reporting capabilities of the CRM solution. You can build detailed reports and perform extensive analysis in real-time, allowing your organization to make strategic and data-driven decisions.

You can even integrate custom metrics that track employee performance and other important KPIs – allowing your company to gain as much valuable information as possible from the CRM platform!

Data Security

Securing the data that you gather from consumers and within your organization is of utmost importance, especially when digitalization makes it easy for hackers to access massive amounts of information if successful in their attempts to breach security.

Generic CRM solutions will offer basic security features to protect the data you collect and store, but do these standards meet your business requirements?

With a custom CRM solution, you can select the level of security that will best suit your business needs. Not only does this allow you to exercise better control over your data, but it also gives you greater flexibility to meet compliance standards and requirements within your industry.

If you are storing confidential and proprietary information in your CRM system company data and information must be protected. The best way to ensure this is done is to use custom software development!

Getting Started with Your Custom CRM

As you can see, a custom database application is the best CRM alternative to Salesforce. Custom development allows for more flexibility when compared to pre-packaged solutions since the business works with the developers to build the software to fit their exact needs.

Using no-code development and other sophisticated technology, agencies like Automate Labs can help you create a one-of-a-kind solution that will help you improve customer relationship management and push you ahead of your competition.

Don’t get stuck with a generic CRM system that requires you to recreate your processes to fit its mold – let our experts work with you to streamline workflows and business processes automation. Your custom solution can be completed within weeks, so there is no reason not to get started today!

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